A guide to Protein Shakes

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Protein shakes used to be viewed as a drink that only heavy weightlifters would take after a big workout, but that is no more. With an industry in Britain that is worth £650 million a year, it is used by most fitness people that exercise regularly.


The body requires large amounts of protein as part of its balanced diet, once absorbed into the body through digestion; protein breaks down into various amino acids which are then built into new proteins to help make red bloods cells and building muscles. So after a workout this is very much needed to help your muscles recover and grow.


The best Protein Supplements:


A Classic Whey Protein concentrate from Protein World: Buy here.

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MyProtein’s whey isolate is 90% protein content: Buy here.

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Bulk Powders’ whey isolate is low in lactose and fats: Buy here.

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MyProtein’s Vegan Blend combines Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Protein: Buy here.

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Bradley Reason, local fitness enthusiast recommends the Bulk Powders Whey Protein, this is due to his training for sports such as American Football, he also takes part in body  lifting and weightlifting at the gym. He highlighted that he takes this certain whey protein to supplement his dietary needs and to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Bradley usually has this whey protein in protein shakes along with water, any form of milk. He also likes to include in snacks such as greek yogurt and other milkshakes.



Bradley Reason with his Bulk Powder Whey Protein and Protein Shake




By Rosie Allen.