Jermain Defoe adopts vegan lifestyle and other athletes are following suit

Vegan and Vegetarian

Jermain Defoe knows he’s gained far more than he’s lost by dropping animal products from his diet, commenting “I don’t find anything hard to give up … because I know the feeling scoring goals gives me,”

Promisingly he’s not the only one who is reaping the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Countless other athletes of all diciplines are discovering the same benefits of a vegan diet – and are seeing their performance improve and recovery time plummet.

Many even say that fuelling their body with super-nutritious plant foods is the key to their success.

Scott Jurek, a passionate advocate of veganism and a world record holder, believes the diet is central to the success of his decades-long racing career.

NFL defensive lineman David Carter, who is 6ft 5in and “300 pounds of veganism” is another example.

“I don’t have the soreness I used to have before. I’m not sluggish. I recover a lot faster,” Carter told the Chicago Sun Times, speaking of his transition to a plant-based diet. “I was shocked. When I first started, I was, ‘What the hell? I have more energy. I’m a lot stronger than I was before.’”

this should give all vegans hope, especially considering the annoying “But where do you get your protein?” quiz most of us have experienced at some point.

David “the Hayemaker” Haye, the professional boxer widely recognised as one of the best boxers of his generation, went vegan for ethical reasons.

Haye told the Telegraph last year that the diet made him stronger than he’s ever been.

Tennis professionals and sisters Venus and Serena Williams eat a plant-based diet, and Venus credits the diet alone for her ability to get back on the court after she was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune condition, saying “It definitely changed my whole life.”

So why are so many professional – and amateur – athletes adopting this lifestyle?And why does it seem to supercharge their performance?

The body of research on vegan athletes specifically is still small, but studies on those in the general population who have adopted this way of eating offer a great deal of insight.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence which shows a diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, and devoid of animal products, is perhaps the best diet for cardiovascular health. In fact, some doctors say it’s the only diet proven to actually reverse heart disease, the UK’s number-one killer.

Given that heart health is a main concern for athletes of all levels, it makes sense that a diet proven to be lower in cholesterol, and to improve cardiovascular function, would be the top choice for top performance.

it is also important for athletes to have a sleek physique. Studies have found that vegans have lower average body mass indices than even vegetarians, while meat-eaters, on average, have the highest BMIs.

In fact, even when calorie intake is the same across all groups studied, the vegans’ high intake of plant-based proteins, fibre, magnesium and other nutrients helps them stay the slimmest.

These healthy nutrients have also been proven to reduce chronic inflammation: the athlete’s worst nightmare.

Not to mention greater risk for serious illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The same is true for meat consumption and cancer. Even when physically fit, athletes aren’t immune from the disease, which accounts for more than a third of all deaths in the UK. Cutting out meat, dairy, and eggs is one of the best ways athletes and others can reduce their cancer risk; studies show that consuming too much animal protein might be just as dangerous as smoking, given that those who eat a lot of meat are four times as likely to die from cancer or diabetes.

Elite athletes make headlines, as Defoe has, when they go vegan, but the science is clear: everyone can benefit from a plant-based lifestyle. We may not all get the thrill of scoring a goal at Wembley, but powered by plants, we’ll all feel better, live healthier and run farther.

what do you think about athletes making the switch to a vegan diet? Let us know in the comments below.


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