How to eat healthier and cheaper on a student budget

Student budget

Student budgets limit your meals out your meals out a lot, especially if you want to get the odd takeaway and go on nights out . Here some tips from fellow student, on how to survive cheaper and healthier.

Meal preparation
Make sure your lunches are done for the week by preparing them all on a Sunday. Nobody likes it but it works to save money.

Set a shopping listImage result for spice and herb rack

If you are preparing your lunches before hand its also good to set out a shopping list of what to buy. If you plan out what meals your going to have each night this will stop you overspending on silly things

Buy Herbs and Spices
Stock up on cumin and gram Marsala for spiced dishes, and if you’re feeling something smoky you can use paprika and chicken seasoning. Other key herbs and spices for taste would be basil, coriander, oregano, and thyme. Although buying herbs and spices fresh tastes wonderful, to save money its best not to..

Don’t punish yourselfImage result for costa coffee
Trying to eat health and cheap is hard, so often it is nice to treat yourself to something. whether you want a coffee at your local coffee shop, or a cake from one of the bigger chains like Costa its always good to treat yourself a little bit, or what you got to look forward to as a student ?

Try and spruce up your packed lunch
couscous is a cheap and easy way to spice up your lunchbox. Better for you, and has much more flavour then a sandwich couscous is the ultimate super-food. Throw it in a salad with carrots and lettuce, maybe a bit of humus or whatever you had for dinner the night before it doesn’t matter because couscous is the easy and healthy way of spicing your lunch up.

Buy cupboard staples like oats and pasta
Pasta is a sure fire winner.Easy to cook and with the right herbs and spices always tasting good pasta is the number 1 meals students go to.Oats are also Image result for 10kg bag of pastaan unnoticed and underappreciated cupboard staple. Be it for breakfast with milk, or even making them into cookies oats are very useful

House dinners
What are friends for at uni right? It brings everyone closer together and saves you all money if you have a house dinner all together

Buy fresh produce loose
Why buy packs and packs of onions and peppers you don’t need?? Its a mystery to me too, its easier for you and saves you a lot more money when you buy fresh and loose vegetables and fruit. Don’t be fooled by the big packs that say ‘one onion is 14p’ because you wont eat all those onions in the pack before they go mouldy

Buy in bulk

Types of food that you must be in bulk are ones that keep for a long time. You need to store pasta, milk (make sure you freeze it),  tomato tins (make sure you buy pasta not ready made pasta sauces) and so on. Also buying in bulk for meat and fish is crucial. A good place for that in Northampton is the Farmfoods, located at   St James’ Rd, Northampton NN5 5LE.

Image result for farmfoods northampton


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