Veggie Pret to add more locations

Vegan and Vegetarian

Pret a Manger has announced it will open a second vegetarian-only branch in London following the success of the first veggie outlet from the chain in Soho.

The new shop will open in Shoreditch on the 4th of April with new recipes on the menu, including a vegan macaroni cheese and a vegan chocolate brownie.

Chief executive Clive Schlee said the location of the second outlet was chosen based on the high levels of vegetarian sales in the area.

“It seems the movement for eating less meat continues to grow. The next stop for Pret will be the US, where we’ll be launching a new veggie range in all our US shops at the end of April.” – Clive Schlee

Spokesperson for the Vegan Society Dominika Piasecka said:

“We are very pleased that Pret are recognising the increasing demand for vegan food by opening a second Veggie Pret shop, this time permanently. As more customers learn about the ethical, environmental and health benefits of the vegan lifestyle, many businesses have been reacting positively by introducing vegan choices.

“Offering vegan options in restaurants makes clear commercial sense – businesses are opening potential market up to not only half a million vegans in the UK, but also to a million more vegetarians, the huge number of meat and dairy reducers, the lactose intolerant, and others who simply enjoy vegan food from time to time.”

The vegetarian restaurant that the popular chain launches in June last year was only supposed to be a pop-up restaurant but has remained opened due to popular demand from customers.

What do you think about the new veggie pret opening? Do you think this could mean more opening outside of London soon? Let us know below.


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