Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

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It’s March time and your favourite fruit and vegetables may be in season. These healthy treats include Bananas, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower and Grapefruit.


Fruit and vegetables naturally grow in cycles, and are at best in a certain season each year. When they are ripe, they are at their best nutritionally and taste wise.



If you go to; it has lots of information about seasonal food in the UK so you can get all the updates weekly on how to grow in the different seasons.


The best way to eat fruit and vegetables is when it is in season, as its fresher, tastier and better for you than food grown out of season. In season food has the best nutrients and flavours that you can possibly get, it is also cheaper! This is due to it generally being grown locally, and it being sold at farmers’ markets that are close and local to you.


We caught up with local fruit and vegetable grower, Teresa Parker who grows seasonal vegetables in her gardens so she can enjoy them to her own delight. She believes eating fruit and vegetables when they are in the correct season is the best way, as they taste so good and you’re always getting a variety throughout the year, rather than sticking to the same foods in and out every month.

Teresa Parker in her garden with Rhubarb plants that she is growing.


By Rosie Allen.


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