How much exercise do you need to do to burn off your favourite junk foods?

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Infrographics show what you exactly need to do to burn off certain junk foods that may be in your diet. There are different timings when it comes to certain exercises that you take part in. If you do cardio workouts more than weightlifting workouts, then you will be burning off your food quicker than what it would take if you were just doing weightlifting.


Whilst eating these certain junk foods, when it comes to working out men have it a lot easier than women. The ladies have to work harder to work off the calories that comes from the junk food they’re eating.


The Big Mac Burger that you can buy from McDonald’s, which has 24 grams of fat – which is over a quarter of your recommended daily allowance, takes up to fifty-one minutes of cardio to burn off or an hour and eight minutes of weightlifting.

20th Springmusic festival


That whopping work out seems a lot compared to only a 25 minute cardio workout to burn off a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar which has 237 calories.

CHOCOLATE(Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar - 45g)


If you’re trying to keep a healthy, active lifestyle by working out- it’d probably be better if you eliminate the junk food from your diet and take up a healthy diet instead.

SOFT DRINK(Coca-Cola 330ml Can)

Junk food contains high amounts of sugar, which can affect your energy levels. This can also lead on to affecting your workout, as you will only get a quick burst of energy, which is often called a “sugar rush”, but it doesn’t last long, as you will quickly crash not long after. It depends how long you want to work out, but if your workout is any longer than an hour long, junk food will not provide you enough energy to keep on going.


By Rosie Allen.


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