Exercise increases your energy levels

Health news

A new analysis by University of Georgia, researchers finds overwhelming evidence that regular exercise plays a significant role in increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue.


The study, published in the November issue of the journal Psychological Bulletin, quantified the magnitude of the effect of exercise and found that it was stronger than the treatment of fatigued people. The researchers found that exercise increased energy and reduced fatigue by 0.37 standard deviations when compared to control groups.


This is also supported by local fitness enthusiast, James Bottomley who says that exercise has allowed him to achieve more goals in life due to the energy and achievements that come along with exercising.



James has taken part in many events in the past years, from half marathons to Olympic distance triathlons, this involves swimming 1.5km, biking 40km and running for 10km. These sort of events require a lot of training, which can take up to 6 or 7 months. He also trains for events such as duathlons, 100 mile biking events and 10k running events.


Top left: Grafman, Top right/Lower left: Bude Sprint, Bottom right: Derby Half Marathon


Since taking part in all these sporting events, James said that all the exercise has led him to achieve more; not just physically through the exercising but through his work life. The more exercise that James takes up, the more energy and achievements are met, this is through distance and timing when training, but also being able to work more in his day job and feeling more energised after a workout. The exercise has also led to a regular sleeping pattern and a better mood in general towards life.

Initially, James started these sporting events 10 years ago from a weight loss perspective due to wanting to change his lifestyle for the better. However, now he says that it’s more addictive in the way that he wants to achieve better goals, through every event he wants to accomplish more. Not just the exercise side of the lifestyle, but the dieting and healthy eating is also important to James, he tends to opt for the lean diet, always going for the healthy option. When training, James goes for the high carbohydrate diet before an event, he also maximises his protein intake.

James also recommends to people that are wanting to take up exercise and sporting events like this, is to keep on trying; “it does take a lot of patience and motivation, but it will come to you and the enjoyment will follow.”


By Rosie Allen.



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